10 Services that Nanny Agencies Excel At

For families hoping to find a nanny, as well as prospective nannies hoping to find jobs, nanny agencies can be incredibly valuable resources. There are many advantages to using nanny agencies to find a nanny, or to find work as a nanny. Ten of the services that nanny agencies especially excel at are listed below.

  1. Making searching easy. Without an agency, families have to post their own advertisements, make calls, and ask around to even find candidates. Prospective nannies have to do their own advertising and searching if they don’t go through an agency. Agencies make it convenient for families and nannies alike.
  2. Background checking. Experienced agencies are very efficient at checking applicant’s backgrounds, as well as the backgrounds of families hoping to employ nannies. This can help both parties feel assured of safety.
  3. Matching personalities. Agencies typically use lots of data in determining which family to pair with which nanny. This expertise can help create pairings that will last for longer amounts of time than random pairings.
  4. Processing paperwork. Nanny agencies excel at checking the certifications and qualifications of a candidate, so a family can be confident that a nanny is qualified for a position.
  5. Contacting references. Nanny agencies are excellent at contacting a candidate’s references in a timely manner and finding out necessary information from references. Agencies are good at asking questions that have potential to bring up red flags, or concerns, about a candidate.
  6. International dealings. Agencies are very experienced at helping foreign au pairs get visas and documentation. For families looking for an au pair from a different country, or for au pairs hoping to travel to another country to work, agencies can be a tremendous help.
  7. Negotiating pay and expectations. Agencies are experts in helping families and nannies come up with arrangements that are suitable to both parties. This can save the awkwardness and hassle of figuring out pay rates and work expectations on the first day of work.
  8. Offering trials. Nanny agencies usually offer the very useful option of a trial. These are advantageous to both nanny candidates and families, as they reveal if the job is a good fit for everyone. These trials help a nanny understand what will be required of them, and help a family make sure that a nanny will be a good fit in person, not just on paper.
  9. Creating a network. Nanny agencies create support and help lines for questions that families or nannies may have. Having a network is an excellent service, and the names of past employers or employees can be valuable to both families and nannies.
  10. Providing on-call nannies. Many nanny agencies offer on-call nannies, which are a good service for families who find themselves needing a nanny in a pinch, or if an emergency arises.

Though using a nanny agency sometimes has challenges, there are many services nanny agencies excel at. The services that nanny agencies offer are beneficial to families, prospective nannies, and current nannies alike.