May 12

10 Ways to Stop a Child’s Scraped Knee from Bleeding

Did you guys have the kind of dad or male figure in your life that would tell you to, “Rub some dirt in it” if you fell down and got a scrape?  I hate to say it, but that actually does work, but it’s not really great for the chances for infection later so here are 10 ways to stop a child’s scraped knee from bleeding.

  1. Sugar: The sugar acts just like styptic powder in that it helps the blood form a clot quicker and it’s something that everyone has in their cupboard.  Once you have your child back home it’s still a good idea to wash the scrape out with soap and water and bandage it with some antibiotic ointment so that it heels quickly without scarring.
  2. Styptic powder: This powder is the greatest thing and stops bleeding in a flash.  They make styptic pencils as well as these are commonly used when men cut themselves shaving and want to stop the bleeding in a hurry so they can continue getting around for work or whatever.  The powder works way better than a piece of toilet paper stuck to your face, but that works too in a pinch.
  3. Flour: Strangely enough the flour works as well as the sugar so if you don’t have any sugar, grab some flour.  The flour has a much finer texture and will really get into the nooks and crannies of the scrape and mix in with the blood to clot the wound.
  4. Cornstarch: As with the flour, cornstarch works too.  Perhaps a bit better than the flour because of cornstarch’s unique texture.  It’s very fine and soft to the touch and it may be something that you don’t use very often in your kitchen so this is another quick use for it.
  5. Salt water: While you may think this would burn the scrape it will not and could be handy if you are swimming near a large body of salt water.  You can also make your own with a cup of water and a couple tablespoons of salt.  Make the water cold and then soak a clean cloth in it and hold it against the scrape for a couple minutes.  It should be soothing for the child and not as messy as the other remedies.
  6. Coffee grounds: Yeah, I know this sounds weird, but coffee grounds will actually work for this as well.  Not sure we all have a ton of coffee grounds around to use, but they are great in the garden so don’t just throw away your coffee grounds.  Keep them around for homeopathic remedies as well.
  7. Tea bag: There is an element in tea that is so soothing.  You can take used tea bags and put them in the refrigerator and put them on tired eyes in the morning to get rid of under eye bags.  The tea causes the blood vessels to constrict.  Same thing happens when trying to stop a scrape from bleeding.  Take a tea bag and get it wet with cold water and squeeze out the moisture and apply it to the scrape.  The cold tea bag will be soothing to the scrape and the bleeding will stop quickly. 
  8. Super glue: Doctors have been using super glue instead of stitches for many years now.  If you’ve ever gotten super glue on your fingers while using it to repair something you already know that it sticks and stays on forever!  Same concept works, but what’s nice about super glue and injuries is that it covers the injury until it can heal on its own.  It may work better on cuts to hold the skin together and prevent scarring than to cover the big area of a scrape, but it will work there too.  
  9. Apply pressure: We’ve heard this in every first aid conversation or show on TV.  If you want to stop bleeding you need to grab a clean cloth and apply pressure to the wound until the bleeding stops.  It takes upwards of five minutes for this to work depending on the injury so don’t keep checking it in the first five minutes.
  10. Ice: Not only will the cold help to take the pain away, but it will constrict the blood vessels and stop the bleeding.  Put the ice in a clean cloth and get it a little damp and apply it to the scrape.  The cloth will catch any blood and the ice will help it to feel better.


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