Mar 1

10 Really Unique Ways to Name Your Baby

Naming a baby is an important step in becoming a parent. People have different reasons for why they name their children as they do. Finding the perfect name for the new baby can be a daunting task and for some it’s quite the adventure. Here are some really unique ways to come up with a name for your child.

  1. Ask someone else to name the child. – This is not as strange as it may sound. In many cultures parents ask an aunt or uncle or grandparent to name their child. In fact there are many cultures in which the parents don’t have any say in naming their child. Naming a child is truly an honor so you might want to pass the honor along to someone close to you who would understand what a gift and responsibility they’ve been privileged to receive.
  2. Ancestors – Find out who your ancestors are and maybe you will find some really interesting names. You may even find someone special that you would like to name your baby after.
  3. Watch the film credits – Some writers watch film credits looking for character names. Why not do the same thing to find cool names for your baby? The credits of Pixar films usually have a list of Production Babies so you might find something interesting there.
  4. Read the phone book – Now there’s a list of names for you! There is sure to be a name or two that resonates with you especially if you live in a place where the phonebooks are large.
  5. Look to your heroes – Who’s your hero? Whether fictional, real, or make believe you might find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy among your list of heroes.
  6. Create a name – One mother came up with a very unique name for her daughter. When asked what the exotic sounding name meant she replied, “Oh, it doesn’t mean anything. I just took part of the name from three cars I liked and put them together.” Other parents have combined parts of each of their names or their parent’s names and created a new name for baby.
  7. Natural surroundings – You probably wouldn’t want to name your baby Grass or Tree but what about naming her after a mountain range like Sierra or possibly a body of water like Ocean or Brook? There are a lot of possibilities if you look around and get creative.
  8. Look at name tags – Wherever you go there are people wearing name tags. Check out the names on those tags and you will run across some interesting monikers.
  9. Places – People often name their babies after places such as Nevada, Asia, Huston, etc. Look up different places and see if there is one that sounds like it fits junior.
  10. Choose a blast from the past – Look up baby names from way back when and see what names were popular at that time. For instance, what were the popular names of your grandmother’s era? You might just start a new trend.

Naming your baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact it can be a lot of fun if you make a game out of it. Making an adventure out of finding the right name for your child means you will have a wonderful story to share that inevitable day when the question arises, “Why did you name me that?”


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