Feb 19

10 Hints Nannies Can Use to Get a Raise

Asking for a raise is never particularly easy or fun to do because you never really know how the boss is going to react to that question, and not everyone is comfortable outright asking for more money or knows if more money is even a reasonable request. Sometimes the best way to approach the situation is to drop hints here and there to let the parents know that a raise may be appropriate.

  1. Talk to the parents about all the tasks you’ve been doing – The parents may not even realize that how hard you have been working with their kids – and a lot of times it’s not because you aren’t doing a good job but simply because they’re caught up in their own lives. Make time to talk to them at the end of each day so they’re aware of the progress their kids are making.
  2. Ask the parents for regular reviews – Ask if you can set up quarterly reviews or bi-annual reviews to go over the tasks that you’ve been given and those that you’ve picked up along the way as well. When they sit down and take a good look at how hard you’ve been working they may realize that all of your hard work warrants a raise.
  3. Keep a record of your accomplishments – When the boy you nanny for learns to tie his shoes from your efforts, or the girl you watch can suddenly play the piano with more ease, humbly show the parents that it was you who helped them learn that task. The parents will be more likely to be open to giving you a raise when they see how much their child is benefitting from your skills as a nanny.
  4. See if you can take on more responsibility – One of the most subtle ways you can ask for a raise is by asking if there are any tasks you can add on to your current workload. This will show them your value as an employee and that you take your job seriously.
  5. Find out the going rate for nannies in your area and where you pay stacks up to it – By knowing how much others around you are roughly making you can breech the subject more carefully and have numbers to back you up in the conversation. If your employers are made aware of the market value of people in your position they’ll be able to determine if you’re being underpaid or entitled to an increase.
  6. Be confident in yourself – This doesn’t mean that you should be conceited about doing a good job, but you are much more likely to get a pay raise if you’re confident in yourself and your abilities. Remember that everyone likes confidence in a person but no one likes a braggart.
  7. Tell them you’ve started working on the side – An easy way to let the family you work for know that you’re not making enough money is to let them know you picked up another side job to make some extra cash. They may not even realize they haven’t been paying you enough until you do so, and hopefully will be quick to remedy the situation so that you can devote your full attention to their children instead of being distracted by another job.
  8. Ask them what you need to do to get a raise – Sometimes the best way to get a raise is by being direct about it – and by asking what you can do to get one you’re being direct without being too direct. This will show them that you’re thinking about a pay increase but willing to work for it.
  9. Talk to them when they’re in good moods – You don’t want to approach the money topic when the parents come home in a particularly bad mood because they’re probably not going to be too open to positive conversations then. Instead wait until everyone seems to be in a good mood and then talk to them about setting up a time to discuss your work load and pay.
  10. Just ask – Sometimes dropping hints and strategizing isn’t enough and you need to just get gutsy and go for it! The worst they can say is no and if that happens you can ask them why and what you can do so that you can get a raise.

While asking for a raise is a delicate situation, it’s not an impossible one, and most employers are more than willing to discuss it with you. By always being ahead of the game and doing more than is requested of you you’ll maximize your chances of securing a raise and everyone will be happy.


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