Apr 5

10 Arguments You Should Let Your Child Win

As children mature they start to become more assertive and this can lead to arguments with their parents. Some kids will argue about almost anything. This is a bad habit that you don’t want to encourage. As parents, you need to let children know that you’re the ones in charge and that they should not constantly question your authority. However, there are times when you may need to rethink your position. Here are ten arguments that you probably should let your child win.

  1. Go to bed early – Now this is a no-brainer. If your child starts to argue that he/she wants to go to bed early, I think you better give in just this once. If this happens, it might be a good idea to take their temperature to make sure they’re not sick or something.
  2. Eat more vegetables – How about if your child suddenly decides he/she wants to become a vegetarian? This could just be a fad or maybe someone made them feel bad about eating animals. Whatever the reason, it’s not a bad idea when any kid wants to eat more vegetables. You might want to lose this argument. Just make sure they get enough protein from other sources and they will be fine.
  3. Clean the room – You may be taken aback if your kid suddenly demands to clean his/her room. If this isn’t just a ploy to get out of doing something else, you could let them win this argument. The less time you spend discussing it, the more time they have for cleaning.
  4. Take the training wheels off – You may think it’s too soon to take the training wheels off your child’s bike, but maybe you should rethink your position. Kids usually know when they’re ready to take this big step, and you should encourage their initiative. This is a sign of courage and determination you shouldn’t discourage.
  5. What color to use – Parents shouldn’t argue with kids about what colors to use when drawing, painting or coloring pictures. If they want purple grass or a blue sun, this just shows their creativity and that shouldn’t be suppressed.
  6. Wants to play outside – Unless it’s pouring rain or below zero temperatures, kids should be encouraged to play outside whenever possible. Too many children spend all their time indoors in front of a TV, computer or playing video games. If your child wants to play outside, don’t argue.
  7. Join a club – Kids shouldn’t be discouraged from joining a club. Being part of a group doing things they enjoy is an important part of developing their people skills. Unless this club is dangerous or run by extremists, you can let them win this argument.
  8. Have a pet – A common argument between parents and kids is whether to have a pet or not. This is because the parents end up feeling responsible for the thing when the child loses interest. Having a pet will teach kids to be responsible caring for another living creature and the consequences of what happens when the responsibility is neglected. This can be a tough call, but eventually you may want to give in. Just be wise in what pet fits your family and your child’s maturity level.
  9. Play or spend time with you – Children sure can be a nuisance and pester you when you’re really busy. However, if your child wants to play or spend more time with you, this is an argument you should let him/her win. Kids grow up so fast that you should spend every moment you can with them. Before you know it, you’ll be the one pestering them.
  10. Stay at grandparents – How many times do your kids plead and beg to stay at their grandparents just a little longer? Although you can’t let them win all the time, maybe you should give in on occasion. Let your parents have more quality time with their grandkids and you can have some more quality time with your spouse.

Letting kids win an argument once in a while can really help their self esteem, but you need to be careful. Don’t let this get to the point that they’re constantly undermining your authority. Make sure they know it’s your decision to let them win and you reserve the right to change your mind. Also, be careful not to give in too easily. You want them to think they really convinced you to change your mind. There will be plenty battles of wills with your children as they grow up, so pick your fights carefully. There are some arguments that just aren’t worth winning.


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